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Special Offer Minimum Stay 2 nights

Oferta Especial Minimo 2 Noites - Associados

INATEL Entre-os-Rios

Estr. Nac. 106, km 39 - Torre, Portela - Penafiel, Portugal

Special Offer

- Includes accommodation and breakfast.
- The INATEL member is allowed to make reservations for more than one room per hotel unit, however, only dependents of the household or, those who prove to be a member, according to the General Conditions of Use of the INATEL Hotels

Minimum Guests: 1
Maximum Guests: 2
Discount: 10,00%
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be submitted 2 days before check-in date. Any cancellations submitted after this period shall be charged with the first night stay.


Inatel's rooms feature private balconies with panoramic views. Feature Terracotta-tiled floors and simple furnishings, as well as a work desk, minibar and cable tv.
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